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Being a reputed production in Hue. Many years Drums CTS provides not only production but also the availability of domestic export to foreign countries is key.

With a team of divers with an experienced and high sense of responsibility in the event Son always satisfy our customers when choosing.

The main material is leather buffalo for drums and jackfruit wood. Buy fresh buffalo skin cells on thin, stretched, dried. Dried jackfruit wood, sawn curved, merge them into the drum. Round raging buffalo skin, soak for about an hour, punching, forced, masked empty, closed mattresses, stamped heel, Sam (try the call), drilled, nailed bamboo is cut into the nail. Drum sounds depending on the diameter, the height of the drum. Adjust the sound to the standard is the most important factor, and not simple, it requires workers to be highly skilled, experienced and perseverance.

Over the past 20 years of operation in the event Son has always brings the best quality and the most reasonable price for customers. Because of the durability of the unit reputation for many years the unit should always be recognized merit of the province and have exported products to many international friends.

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